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tv   9 News Now at Noon  CBS  November 29, 2011 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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hello, thank you for joining us. i'm j.c. hayward. michael jackson's doctor will learn his punishment today. we're taking a live look now in the courtroom. dr. conrad murray was convicted of involuntary manslaughter in the death of the pop singer three weeks ago we have the latest from the los angeles courthouse. >> reporter: members of michael jackson's family including his sister and his mother arrived for the sentencing of dr. conrad murray. the cardiologist could spend four years in prison for the death of the pop singer. legal experts believe he'll serve less time because of overcrowding in california prisons. >> we, the jury in the above entitled action find the defendant, conrad robert murray guilty. >> reporter: it was three weeks ago when a stoic murray was convicted of involuntary manslaughter. he was denied bail and taken
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away in handcuffs. he's been at the county jail in downtown los angeles ever since. during the six-week trial here in los angeles, jurors decided dr. murray's negligence directly led to the superstar's death. they blame the singer's personal physician for giving jackson the powerful anesthetic propofol. it is a drug given to hospital patients just before surgery. but dr. murray gave it to jackson in his own bedroom. the guilty verdict was met with celebration for many, including the jackson family. >> michael was watching over us. >> reporter: prosecutors also want murray to pay restitution to jackson's children. they estimate the singer would have earped more than $100 million in his planned comeback concert. cbs news, los angeles. the prosecution is also seeking the cost of funeral expenses which were about $2 million. a prince george's county woman has been charged with
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concealing the death of an infant by burying the child's body. authorities say that 27-year- old lisa maria steel of oxon hill delivered a stillborn child on september 19th. they add that she drove to prince william county five days later and buried the body in a shallow grave. steele remains behind bars. her next court appearance is set for next thursday. gary giordano is expected to be released from jail today in aruba. he has been held in connection with the disappearance and the possible death of robyn gardner last summer. a judge in aruba says that authorities cannot justify keeping giordano in custody. montgomery county police are investigating an overnight carjacking. it is unrelated to three similar incidents in the same area over the last week. two men carjacked a driver around 1:00 this morning. this happened outside a burger
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king on veirs mill road just north of randolph road. the driver was not injured. now to those other incidents in the wheaton area. the man on the right, montgomery county police say that he has been kidnapping and robbing people. they released this surveillance footage from the westfield mall in wheaton. they're hoping that someone knows this man. police say that he has kidnapped three men and forced them to take money from atm machines. dozens of people have been camped outside an apartment building offering subsidized housing. it is a sign that the economy is far from improving and it is getting worse for many people. surae chinn reports now from columbia heights. >> reporter: the line is wrapped around the building outside the hubbard place apartments at 14th and oak streets northwest. more than 200 people are just hoping to get on a waiting list for subsidized housing, including shakila jones. >> you have to search hard for
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a good job to afford a place. >> reporter: determination is driving diamond whitaker, the first in line and has been since 3 3:00 yesterday afternoon. >> i have a 3-year-old about to be 4. trenton whitaker. i love him to death. i'm standing out here for him. >> all of the folks are standing in line without knowing just how many bedrooms or apartments are available. >> you have a 1-year-old daughter. you're standing in line since 3:00 this morning. knowing that there is no guarantee you'll find a home here. >> you're absolutely right. >> why do it? >> because you need somewhere stable, i don't like going back and forth from place to place and better to try than not try at all. >> whitaker and jones blame the poor economy for putting people on the brink of being homeless. even with jones working part- time at sears, she can hardly say she's scraping by. >> you have to have the motivation to keep going and to push yourself to do more. but if you have nothing to do,
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then you won't do it. >> your daughter. >> yes, ma'am. >> they want to be able to call the hubbard place apartments home. and more important, they want a roof over their heads they can afford. in columbia heights, surae chinn, 9news now. hubbard place apartments is taking applications until 3:00 this afternoon. they will also take applications tomorrow. we contacted the apartment management but they've not said exactly how many apartments are available. prince william county lawmakers are willing to go to court to stop the holly acres mobile home park from rebuilding. holly acres got washed away by tropical storm lee last september. dozens of families have been without a home. the park's owner wants to rebuild on the site in woodbridge but a county says that's a bad idea since the property is in a flood-prone area. county leaders say they'll go to court to stop the rebuilding. the law is still on the books in washington, d.c. that
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says you could go to jail if you're driving with an expired license plate. well, today, the city council will hold a hearing aimed at striking down that law. emergency legislation passed last month, ended the arrest temporarily. new plan would impose fines for expired tags and police would be able to impound your car. this morning's commute was a little more hectic than usual. after a cab crashed into a cbs pharmacy -- into a cvs pharmacy. traffic along jennifer street was shut down for a few hours while police investigated and cleaned up the situation. one person suffered minor injuries. so far, no one has been charged. still to come on 9news now, republican presidential candidate herman cain is fending off more allegations that he cheated on his wife. we'll hear from the woman who says that they were lovers for more than a decade.
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attacked the british embassy in iran. i'll have the story.
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vice president joe biden is in iraq on a surprise visit. he's expected to hold meetings about u.s./iraqi relations. the two sides failed earlier this year to reach an agreement that would allow fewer than a couple of a thousand american troops to stay in iraq past their december 31st departure date. right now, there are about 14,000 american troops still stationed in iraq. by the way, this is the vice president hosting thanksgiving dinner for dozens of wounded warriors last week. hard line iranian students stormed the british embassy and the capital of tehran. heather kovar reports the attack comes after london increased sanctions over iran's nuclear program. >> massive crowds rallied outside the british embassy in tehran as angry student
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protestors stormed the building. they broke through barricades, rushing past guards to get inside and smashed a framed picture of queen elizabeth. iranian demonstrators waked islamic flags and some threw firebombs. later they attacked a second british embassy nearby. british officials say they are in touch with embassy staff. the violence comes after britain imposed new saimtions on iran over its nuclear program. london banned all british banks from doing business with iran. that prompted iran's parliament to pass a bill reducing diplomatic relations with britain. lawmakers chanted death to england. this politician said british traders should be dealt with in a serious fashion. in parliament in tehran sunday, a lawmaker said iranians angered over the sanctions could take actions just as they did against the u.s. embassy in 1979. these attackers are reportedly hard line iranian students
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angry over the latest strained diplomatic relations. heather kovar for cbs news, london. the united states has also placed new sanctions against iran targeting oil industries and companies involved in nuclear enrichment activity. coming up next, howard and the forecast. >> j.c., standing out here in the race this tuesday morning but as we look at the regional radars, doppler coming up, you can see there is a back edge to the rain. almost to culpepper that a few more hours of this and changes for the rest of the week. 9news now at noon returns in a moment.
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american airlines and its parent company are filing for chapter 11 bankruptcy protection. they're seeking to cut costs and unload massive debt, built up by years of high jet fuel prices and labor struggles. the nation's third largest airline also announced that its ceo has stepped down. the airline says it would continue to operate flights. >> the national review is reporting that republican presidential candidate herman cain is reassessing whether to continue his run for the white house. the news comes just one day after a woman came forward claiming that the two had a 13-
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year love affair. tara mergener reports now from the white house. >> herman cain says an atlanta businesswoman is lying about a 13-year affair with him. ginger white told fox 5 atlanta her relationship with the g.o.p. presidential candidate ended just before he began his run for the white house. >> it was pretty simple. it was uncomplicated. and i was aware that he was married. and i was also aware that i was involved in a very inappropriate situation, relationship. >> reporter: white says cain flew her to cities where he was speaking and bought her expensive gifts. the candidate didn't wait for his accuser to tell the story. he started denying her charges hours before her interview aired. >> i wanted to get out in front of it because i have nothing to hide. i have done nothing wrong. >> cain is the g.o.p. front-runner before allegations of sexual harassment became public in late october. now, with just five weeks left until the iowa caucuses, he
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could have trouble bouncing back. >> it is a really tough employee for him at the very least, it is a distraction. at the worst, it is deathblow to the campaign. as cain loses support, newt gingrich is gaining it. now, the leader in several polls, the former house speaker is on a three-day campaign swing through south carolina where he's pushing back against claims he is soft on immigrations. >> several of my friends have said i'm for amnesty, that's not true. >> gingrich said he's in a better position than mitt romney to become the pep can who challenge president obama next year. tara mergener for cbs news, the white house. well, romney campaigns in florida today and gingrich in south carolina. cain does not have anything on his public schedule until this evening. he is slated to lay out his foreignle to platform in michigan. well, the u.s. capitol christmas tree has arrived. the 63 foot white fir comes
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from stannis love national park in california's sierra never ada mountains. the tree will stand on the west lawn of the capitol and crews will decorate it with more than 10,000 lights and more than 200,000 hand-made ornaments. the u.s. capitol tree lighting ceremony will take place a week from today. that's always very special. >> a lot colder a week from today. >> is it? >> today is not too cold. >> we start in the 60s. we're down in the 50s. rain has moved in. it will move out later this afternoon. we do pretty good for the rest of the week. it will be much more normal, not the 70s and 60s but low to mid-50s. even that's a few degrees above average for early december which starts in a couple of days. here is a lock at this afternoon's day planner. temps in the mid-50s. we'll continue to slowly fall off into the lower 50s. we'll see a couple of breaks out to the west and the cloud cover. main peeks of sunshine out toward the shenandoah valley by
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mid afternoon. then this evening, partly to mostly cloudy skies. still breezy. north and west of town, can't rule out an isolated shower or two before midnight before the system pulls away. as we look at it on the satellite and radar, you can see the band of rain. heavy rain at times coming up from the south and southwest. behind it though, you'll notice out toward roanoke, clearing skies almost to charlottesville. we could see a couple of peeks of sun before the day is out, especially southwest of town. live doppler 9000 hd, the eastern shore, the rain not quite there yet. just about to easton. really is in the bay now. west of us, we're starting to clear it out as you head toward the shenandoah valley south of winchester. but locally, we're seeing some moderate rainfall. just out on the weather terrace. it was coming down at a pretty good clip here in northwest. you can free forestville right on the east side of town up toward lanham, college park, almost to laurel and howard park headed toward columbia, the heaviest rains we have. but the back edge of the rain is starting to show up off to
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the north and west. you can see it passing steven city. almost done in winchester. getting into extreme western fauquier county. the rain is just about over for you folks. a little bit farther south, couple of showers still. but as this pulls away from you, i think you'll be done in the next 20 minutes or so. even into southern maryland now, potentially some of the rain will break up in the next couple of hours. main about 2:00, 2:30 or so here in d.c. behind the system, temperatures really dropped off. temperatures this morning or still 72 in georgetown. 70 degrees in cambridge earlier. now, they're 54. we were in the mid-60s and out to the west, winchester is down to 50 along with orange. in the 40s in oakland. snow showers moving in tonight into the mountains of western maryland and west virginia. snow guns will be flying at the ski areas also. 54 with rain out of reagan national. winds are southwest at 17 gusting to 22. dew point still in the upper
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40s. it is humid out there. this storm system is a big one. dropped almost five inches of snow in parts of western tennessee. some of the snow made it into alabama, parts of georgia, saw some flakes today. for us, we're on the warm side. the moisture flowing in off the atlantic and it is moving up toward areas like detroit and into cleveland and much of pennsylvania and western new york and wilton pull away for the afternoon and evening. some stragglers in the showers here by the time we get to 5:00 in the mountains. tonight, isolated shower can't be ruled out before midnight. this pulls out of here overnight. mountain snow showers persist. tomorrow, the sun returns but you'll need jackets. we'll in the 30s in the morning to low 40s in town. today, while we hit the high early, we're in the 50s the rest of the afternoon. rain will taper off in a few hours. blustery day. winds again west-northwest 10 to 15. thursday, chilly. only around 50 after starting in the 20s and 30s. after that, we look pretty good. friday, 54. look at your weekend.
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looks good for december, right? 54 saturday. rain returns monday with much colder temps next tuesday and wednesday. 9news now at noon will return in just a moment. [ female announcer ] more people are using wireless devices...
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today, my one on one special guest says that failure is not an option. at least when it comes to public schools in america. alan blankstein is the award winning author of a book with the same name. i like that name. he's also president of the hope foundation and i understand that you were a troubled student at one time. >> that's correct. i was. i guess i made a lot of trouble, too. but that was back in the day. >> and why -- why did you write this book, failure is not an option. it is so true, it really isn't. >> i think that it is true for each individual child. that we really can't afford to lose them and they can't afford to be lost but it is also true for our whole country. if we continued on the path we've been in for the last
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century, graduating, you know, a select few is where it began and thousand we graduate more. they only graduate into low-end jobs, then we're going to fail as a nation, that's not acceptable. >> i also understand you looked at some of the country's leaders and you used that information in this book. tell me about that. >> well, in the new edition of that book, we did, indeed, even more so in the answers in the room, look at other nations and determine how it is that we stack up. but i think the important thing is that there are already, as this book says, the answer is in the room, there are already answers in the classroom and you know, in the school building, the challenge has been making that the norm. >> can you tell me very quickly, what are the answers? >> well, the answer in a nutshell is, as everybody says, it is excellent teaching but that doesn't happen by itself and it doesn't happen independently. you really need a culture that supports it and a leadership that creates that culture. so, we start with the
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leadership. because that's the focal for the change. you have great leadership and the leadership team that knows how to shift the culture and support excellent teaching. >> now, the subtitle is six principles that guide student achievement in high-performing schools. is this book for teachers or for parents? >> it is for the school to engage the parents and the whole community. so, parents also benefit from and have been included in the use of that book throughout the country. and other parts of the world. there are 300,000 copies of the book out. so, many schools have used it as a basis for engaging the whole learning community and making it high performing. >> there are some very specific options in the book. failure is not an option. six principles that guide student achievement and high performing schools by alan blankstein. thank you. i suggest that if you're an educator or if you're a parent, you might want to read this because it does have some answers. that thank you for being with
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us. >> thank you. >> we like the book. we need the book! >> i'll send a box. >> thank you. thanks for being with us. come back and visit us at 5:00. thank you. >> thank you so much.
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>> victor: come here. >> nikki: oh, victor. >> victor: welcome home, my baby. >> ronan: yes, sir, of course i understand the importance of catching diane jenkins' murderer. that's why i held victor newman overnight for questioning. because i didn't have enough evidence to charge


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